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Veterinary Exam

A comprehensive checkup of your cat or dog to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

If you have no specific concerns but want the peace of mind knowing that your pets are healthy and up to date on vaccines, a wellness exam is just what the doctor ordered! Our wellness exams are an essential part of a pet’s overall health. Our dedicated vets will perform a thorough physical exam covering all major body systems. We will also cover all recommended vaccines and parasite treatment based on your family’s lifestyle.

To schedule an appointment, please call our Client Care Team at 250-727-2125.

Does my pet really require an annual checkup if they have no issues?

Regular checkups for pets are crucial as they can hide their pain well. Even if your pet appears healthy, they may be silently suffering from health problems that can progress into serious, life-threatening conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to have an annual checkup to detect any underlying health issues. For senior pets, we recommend more frequent health exams every 6 months.

What services are included in the visit?

We conduct comprehensive wellness exams to gather thorough information about your pet's health. Our examination includes a complete assessment of their physical state, starting from their nose to their tail. In addition, we conduct diagnostic tests to gain insights into their internal health. Our veterinary visits comprise the following services:

  • A complete physical assessment, which involves examining their teeth, throat, eyes, skin, and ears
  • Laboratory tests to analyze blood, fecal, and urine samples
  • Imaging diagnostics
  • Discussion about your pet's vaccination and preventive medicine.

How is my puppy/kitten’s wellness exam different from older pets?

During your puppy or kitten's initial appointment, our team will conduct a comprehensive physical examination to assess their overall health status. Based on their individual requirements, we will develop a suitable treatment plan to ensure their health and longevity. We will collaborate with you to create a tailored wellness care plan that suits your pet's needs. Our customized wellness package can aid you in managing your new pet's health, from administering the necessary vaccines to preventing future illnesses through extensive diagnostic testing.

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