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Community Involvement

We Are Community.

At McKenzie Veterinary Services we recognize that we are part of something bigger than just our clinic. We are committed to supporting rescues and charities here at home and at the international level.

Some highlights of charity work include:

  • Helping 575 cats last year through Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund by providing veterinary care, surgeries and medication.
  • Participating in the Mexi-Can Vet Project spay and neuter clinic where we helped 409 dogs and cats with sterilization, as well as additional needed surgeries.
  • Helping sterilize pets here at home by participating in the Cat Rescue Corps. Spay and Neuter Blitz. This is a yearly event that helps pet owners by providing spays and neuters at a very reduced cost through the CRC.
  • Balfour's Friends Foundation

We have raised funds for the following charities:


We held a fundraising event at the clinic, where we microchipped pets for a reduced cost. We also had the grill going and were selling breakfast sandwiches, hamburgers, and hotdogs. All of the proceeds we raised went to two fantastic local charities – ROAM BC and Flirting with Fido. Members of both groups were also there to chat with people about the great work they do, hand out some swag and show off some adoptable puppies!


We want to thank everyone from our community that came out in support of our efforts. Together we raised just over $1600.00 for these wonderful groups, and we couldn’t have done it without your help.


The most recent spay and neuter clinic in Guayabitos, Nayarit, Mexico was another major success with 357 dogs and cats sterilized during the April 10-13 clinic. Volunteers from Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue set up and ran another well-organized clinic. We had abundant help from the community in Mexico and from veterinary clinics in Canada.


Of course, Drs. Poly Lopez, Anthony Garcia, Jesus Pacheco and Leslie Caratachea from the Puerto Vallarta group Pets For Life, led the surgery team and kept us going all day long with their hard work, advice, jokes and crazy ranchero music in surgery!


The Canadian teams were Dr. Nicole Salloum from McKenzie Veterinary Services; Dr Laura Jenkins, and techs Corielle Walsh and Whitney Bertoia from Glenview Animal Hospital; Dr Ashton Wickramaratne from Sassenos Veterinary Services; and Kristen Giglio from ACE Therapy. These veterinary clinics not only support the project by sending trained volunteers, but they also raise money and purchase surgical and medical supplies which we take to use in surgery and recovery at the clinic. We are very grateful for their continued support and it is what allows us to accomplish so many spays and neuters in such a short time.


The clinic highlights were spay and neutering so many healthy puppies and kittens, most of which were adopted during the three-day clinic, working alongside many new Mexican volunteers (now new friends), and consulting on a few unusual medical and surgical cases. The impression is that overall there are fewer sick animals in the streets, that pets are being well cared for, and that animal health and welfare in this part of Mexico is certainly much better today than when the MCVP started nearly ten years ago. Community leaders, business owners, and the general public have told us that they are grateful for the work being done in their community and they want to see these clinics continue.


A big thank you also goes out to our many supporters in the Victoria area who donated money, cages, collars, leashes and supplies for this project. You cannot imagine how valuable these contributions are to the work we are all doing together…Muchisimas gracias amigos!

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On Friday, April 19th, while we were closed for Good Friday, we decided to take that opportunity to volunteer our time to help reduce the feral cat population on Vancouver Island. Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund brought us a total of 32 cats to be spayed or neutered. Every single volunteer that day worked very hard to get the job done. We all understand how important this work is, and were happy to be able to help.


Enjoy this short time-lapse video of some highlights of our morning!

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