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Heartworm Testing for Pets

Increasing the chance of survival by reducing the risk of contracting heartworm disease.

Heartworm is a life-threatening illness that can affect all dogs regardless of how frequently they go outdoors, and while it's less common in cats, it can be more dangerous for them. Therefore, regular testing is necessary to detect the disease and treat it before it becomes fatal. If you want to take preventative measures, you can contact us at 250-727-2125.

How dangerous is it if my pet is infected with heartworms?

The larvae can enter your pet's internal system with just one little bite from an infected mosquito. Heartworms will develop into adults, which can breed once they have lived in your pet for a certain amount of time. The parasites will eventually reside in the heart, lungs, and connected blood vessels of your pet. As a result, if heartworm illness is not treated early enough, it can cause organ damage, heart failure, lung disease, and even death in severe cases.

How often should my pet be tested for heartworms?

The frequency of heartworm testing for your pet depends on their level of risk, and while heartworm disease is more prevalent in warmer areas like Victoria, annual testing is always recommended. Ultimately, pets in higher risk areas should undergo more frequent testing, which can be determined during their annual exams by the veterinarian.

Can heartworm be prevented?

It is advisable to have your pet undergo regular heartworm prevention medication, with the frequency varying depending on the season and the pet's risk level. Based on their risk factors, our veterinary team will then curate the best plan for your pet.

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