Dr. Sarah MacNaughton


Dr. Sarah MacNaughton
Dr. Sarah MacNaughton DVM

Dr. Sarah MacNaughton grew up in Ontario, the eldest of 5 daughters, which naturally cultivated her nurturing side for zany animals early on. Sarah graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College with distinction in 2002 and enjoyed the experience of working in a mixed animal practice to start her career. Sarah also had fantastic experiences abroad, organizing “Global Vets 2000” with 2 classmates in Costa Rica, where she enjoyed working on a variety of wildlife. Her travels then took her to Thailand in 2007-2008 where she did volunteer work with street dogs and cats.

Sarah moved to British Columbia in 2010, working in practices in North Vancouver and Burnaby before moving to Victoria in 2017. Sarah is thorough and detailed, which is valuable for managing medically complex cases. She values low stress handling for both cats and dogs, and especially loves building strong relationships with her clients, aiming to provide care with honesty and compassion. She loves working at McKenzie Vet where there are many more amazing brains to keep learning from.

In her spare time, Sarah remembers having hobbies before her 3 kids came along, and is sure to one day find the time to rediscover them! Sarah also shares her home with a Jamaican rescue dog, Tego, and cat named Pudgy (who is not so pudgy anymore!).